Business Mentor

My aim is to help and support business owners within their business, by offering the opportunity to step outside of operations and review their business across all areas including; communications (both external and internal), performance and profitability.

Most business owners will be mainly absorbed with the day to day running and operations of their business, and they all too often do not take time out to review ‘where are we now and are we on track to achieve success'… What I look to provide is the opportunity to invest time in reviewing the overall vision for the company and then review each area of the business to establish if they are achieving the results they intended. This will help to see the bigger picture and establish if there are areas for change or improvement, and then plans can be made to implement any agreed improvements and actions that will support the business development.

In many cases just the opportunity to talk through ideas and plans will help the business owner to gain the clarity needed to move forward with the business, having an impartial and non-judgemental ear can be extremely beneficial.

We start this process with a ‘discovery’ meeting in order to exchange information; I can get to know and understand both the owner and the business aims and they will gain an insight into the benefits of working with a mentor. I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience from having been a business owner for over 30 years.

My service is in half day sessions which are planned to suit the client needs, my recommendation is based on six sessions in order to achieve results that are measurable and add value to the business. 

Call me today to book your 'Discovery' meeting on 07855 465426