Business Mentor

I must own up to having a passion for business, independence and taking the opportunity to make my own choices doing something I love…  So that is exactly what did for 30+ years! And though there were many ups and downs! I would not have enjoyed anything more. What I do today is offer my learning to the benefit other business owners.

Over the last decade I have been sharing what I know from my experiences and the wisdom I have gained along the way. During this time, I have worked with 100’s of start-up clients and many existing owner-managed business.

Whilst the range and types of businesses have been varied, the fundamental issues and requirements of each business have been the same, what will be different in each case is their mindset, ideas, and the vision they have for their company. Therefore, each client has a uniqueness, which is vital for me to understand before we can move forward and start the process of assessing viability, sustainability, and profitability!

To do that I have found the following discussions points are an excellent way create the understanding needed to build a successful working relationship between business owner and mentor….

·        Healthy Mindset - Where are you now and what needs to change?

·        Know your WHY - What do you want from your business and how will your client benefit?

·        Discovery - What works and what needs to be fixed?

·        Vision - What do you wany the long term/future to look like?

·        Goals - What actions do I need to take to get there?

·        Planning – What needs to be in the plan?

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